Electronics India Expo :  Participating countries and Delegates 

Delegates from all parts of the world are invited to participate in the event. Delegate Application form can be downloaded by clicking HERE

List of Foreign Delegates :

Name of the DelegateItems of Interest
Mr Ukpong Wilson Oyokunyi EdetOffice Equipments and Telecom Devices
Mr Carmona Ruiz Alvaro ErnestoTablets, PCs
Mobile Telephones
Mr. Oscar Leonardo Gil MariñoServers, Storage SAN, Firewall, Perimetral Security, Backups,
Routers, Switch.
Mr. Bustamante Rodriguez Johan ManuelServers, Computers, Networks, Structured
Mr.  Eduardo De Carvalho LimaMobile Phones
Mr. Aung Soe MoeAutomation Systems, Embedded Systems
Cloud based embedded solutions
Mr Ash RainaSecurity Systems, Solar, GIS and
Fleet Management Solutions
Ms. Hajra Bebe LachmanElectronic test and measuring equipments
Mr. Owolawi Pius AdewaleTest and measuring instruments
Laboratory instruments
Ms Shantha NarasimuluSmart Computer Equipment,
OFFICE made EASY Products,
Userfriendly computing devices, POS
Mr Vikash RameshwarPLC based training kits with hardware and
software expansion modules
Ms. Keila Sanchez CruzElectronic Goods, Tools for enhancing performance
of employees
Mr. Moises Castillo LunaElectronic goods of any kind
Mr. Rovinzon Garcia MacedaElectronics and telecom products
Mr. Ulises Castillo LunaHigh quality electronics and
telecom products
Mr. Thet Min OOLaser Printer Product
Mr. Ashley BhugwandinTelecommunications, Radar systems
Battery technology
Ms. Arodudu Olukemi AbimbolaAgro-allied based electronic equipment and software
Ms. Mohammed Falmata ZahrahOffice equipment, renewable energy products
Ms. Garpiya Chibakyi HelenHome & office equipment, telecom products
Ms. Shuaibu Gara FatimaProduct & services related to engineering
Ms. Egede Rose UkamakaOffice & home equipment
Mr. Belete Timerga ChereLaptops,Desktops,Printers,Scanners,
Fax Machines,Copiers,UPS and
computer accessories
Mr. Bilal KileoLaptop, IT Security Devices
Computers and Accessories,
High Powered UPS, Projectors
Computer Desktops, Laptops,
Tablet PC, Laptop,
Computers and Accessories
Professional Printers, POS and
Biometrics, electronic accessories;
Routers and switches
Mr. Aniagolu Chidi PiusComputer Hardware and accessories
Ms Ogie Victoria SandraElectronics Goods, Computer Hardware,
PC Tablets and Laptops
Mr. Juan Romero ArellanoComputers and Servers
Mr. Yair Gonzalez SuarezElectronics Goods
Mr. Olukankun Olakunle SeunElectronics goods, computer hardware,
PC tablets and laptops.
Mobile devices & electrical hardware
Mr. Bayarmagnai AdiyasurenComputer hardware, Cellphone
Solar system, CCTV camera
Laptops, Power banks etc
Mr Festus Wabomba KituiElectronics Products
Computer Hardware
Mr Ariko Stanley OnyemaOffice Equipments and Domestic Appliances
Mr. Gan-Od DandarperenleiElectrical and electronics goods
Solar Panel
GPS Devices
Security Electronics
Mr. Leopord Tshilikomwenyo Junior NiipareElectronics Goods
Solar Energy Equipment and Solutions
Telecom Solutions
IP CCTV Systems
Optical Fiber
Tracking Devices
Mr. Johannes Tonatela NakandungileHardware for Networking, Security
Data Backup
Ms Tuulikke N ShipangaUPS Systems
Other Electronics Goods
Mr Phidelus M MujeuComputer Hardware
Ms. Azzi Lydia Eps BoudourExternal Storage
Mr. Hamza Abdul-Rahman KileoComputer Accessories, Like Hdd, RAM,
Processors, Monitors, Pen drives,
Flat screen Television,
Projectors, Security Cameras and
Accessories, Video Cameras,
Telecom Equipment,
Networking Cables and Accessories,
Ms. Claudia Joanna Salinas MaltezTwo (2) protection equipment, perimetral Firewall,
with IPS, IDS and DLP modules.
Biometric equipment doble factor to
control the acces to the office

Computer equipment:
An i7 7700K or 7,700 32 G of RAM or 64.
and video cards can be GTX 960 or a GTX1050
Mr. Yonathan Beniyam MulugetaBiometric Systems
Smart Security and alarm systems
Hotel door systems
Professional Printers
Screen Touch kiosks
Networking Cables and Accessories
Dr. Tony Clive NdukaHardware for office networking
Electrical backup equipment
Solar Cells, Industrial inverters
Battery Charges, Electrical Components
P A Systems
Mr. Ivo José Augusti CappelossaElectronic components in general,
solar system panels, solar system equipment,
LED lighting systems, cables, transformers,
ferrites, inverters, converters.
Mr. Ajayi Kolawole KazeemAutomation Systems, Embedded Systems
Cloud based embedded solutions
Mr. Mai Xuan VyLaptop, PC, Smart phone
Mr. Do Khanh LinhMemory, hard disk, Laptop,
PC Server, Projector
Mr. Yohannes Gebru AbaySecurity camera
Office equipment, Medical instruments
Computer hardware etc.
Power Electronics
Network materials
Electronics components (capacitor, resistors etc.)   
Mr. Amoah Owusu BawuahCameras,
Sound equipment,
Camera accessories and
Ms. Samira ZakariaTelevisions and
Home appliances
Mr. Kwame GyasiCables and wires,
sockets, bulbs and fans
Mr. Yibor  HilaryElectronics products
Electrical products
Mr Cylus Putan KaroseiComputer hardware and peripherals
Mr. Albert O KengaComputers Desktop and Laptops
Biometric Machine
CCTV Cameras
Computer Tablets
Mobile Phones
Mr. Rotimi ToluhiAccess Control,
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification),
Solar Power Solutions,
Solar Air conditioner for Server Road,
Air Purification and
Server Room Humidity Solution
Mr. Christopher A. OmungoComputers, Networking equipment,
Radiology, scanning,
storage, and related software
Mr. Olukotun Olanrewaju JamesComputer Hardware
Pocket PC
Mr. Ozinegbe Osemehio Jude OyinbrakemiSystems Integration / Networking
IT Education and Training
Product Distribution / Support / Implementation
Smart Card
Super Computing and Cluster Computing
Big Data Management
Call Centre
Inverter/Solar Energy
Mobile Phones
Mr. Omuraliev AzimbekFiber optic cable, routers,
Equipment for building GPON networks,
SFP modules, DVDM equipment and multiplexers.
Equipment for IP television.
Ms. Kamwaro Jacqueline SinetComputers, desktop and laptops
Biometric machine
CCTV cameras
Computer tablets
Mobile phones
Mr. Zewde Getachew AbebeConsumer
Instruments, Office equipment,
Medical instruments
Computer hardware etc.,
Power Electronics
Mr. Williams Keith Colling-WoodeOffice Equipments,
General Electronics & Accessories,
Solar Panels & Accessories,
Mobile Phones & A
Mr. Frederick YeboahHigh-end Server hardware,
Specialized Electronic Devices,
Software tools and Accessories
Mr. Kwasi Adu GyanHigh-end Server hardware,
Specialized Electronic Devices,
Software tools and Accessories
Mr. Okoeguale Abumere ThomasTelecom
Power electronics
Product distribution / support / implementation
Smart card
Super computing and cluster computing
Big data management
Inverter/solar energy
Mobile phones
Electronic Manufacturing Services
Ms. Eileen Mutheu MulaaMs. Eileen Mutheu Mulaa
Microwaves, Wimax, Splicing Machines
Laptops, Photocopiers, Scanners
Computer softwares
Mr. Okota Crispin OchiengLaptops, Photocopiers, Scanners
Ms. Abdulwahab Sherifat AdunniElectronics and Telecom products
Mr. Dennis Samuel ArthurSecurity Cameras,Security Pens,
Security Palm Cameras,etc
Wireless Motorola,Internet cable wires,
Solar Electronics peoducts
Mr. Moses Neylan BulemiInteractive Boards
Video Conferencing Equipment
Audio Visual Equipments
Mr. Solomon Adu-BetleSecurity Cameras, Home Appliances,
Tracking Devices, Solar Equipments,
Mr. Abrham  Wosen GebremedhenConsumer
Software suppliers(ERPs)
Instruments, Office equipment, Medical instruments
Computer hardware etc.,
Power Electronics
Ms. Virginia OlamboComputers (Desktop and Laptop),
Home Theater, Decoders,
Phones, Printers,
Software, Anti Viruses, Programs and Video Games 
Mr. Kelvin Makau MwangangiComputer hardware, peripherals
Computers, laptops, photocopiers,
scanners, power banks
Ms. Sarah BaffoeVehicle Tracking System, Home Appliances,
Tracking Devices, CCTV Cameras,
Telecom Systems,
Computer Products and Accessories
Ms. Victoria Nzisa KilonziComputer Hardware
Computer Software
Mr. Jose Eduardo PinheiroSecurity products
Public Lighting
Mr. Francis Abdullah LukwaroOffice equipments
Computer hardware
Medical Instruments
Mr. Agochukwu Gospel MaduabuchiOffice Equipments
Other Electronics
Mr. Wangui Kelvin KimaniComputers Desktop & Laptops
Biometric Machine
CCTV Cameras
Computer Tablets
Mobile Phones
Ms. Asomaniwaa Mabel YeboahLaptops, Scanners, Copiers,
Printers, Counting Machines,
CCTV, Consoles, TV/Home Theatres,
Automated Technologies & Phones
Mr. Atta Selorm Shorla Kofi AlokaCCTV & Consoles
Laptops & Phones
Home Theaters of All Kinds
Lightining Systems
Tv 32”-120” Led, Uhd, Curve
Mineral Detectors & Counting Machines
Mr. Alex Muli MwangangiCCTV cameras
Diesel powered generators ( Electricity)
Ms. Rasoarivololona JeannineConsumer Electronics,
Computers and Accessories
Medical electronics tools.
Mr. Alexander Nyandoro BothaComputers, Routers, Switches
Mr. Mayito StuartMobile Phones & Home Electronics for Domestic use
Mr. Alhassan SherifatuLCD TV's
Wireless Alert System for Waiters, Nurses
Vehicle tracking system.
Home appliances and CCTV camera
Ms. Susan Chepkemoi BosubenDesktops, Laptops
Mobile Phones
Ms. Martha Joyce ArthurCCTV Cameras, Alarm Keys,
Car SECURITY Cameras,
Security Door products
Ms. Haidamous Suzan Mobile Phones & Accessories, Solar Products,
Television Products, CCTV
Fan and Electric Irons
Mr. Rampanjato Henri FluvialConsumer Electronics,
Computers and Accessories
Equipments of security.
Load speakers
Mr. Adio-Mowo Olakunle AndrewElectronics Goods
Mr. Oni Henry FolorunshoPocket PC
Mr. Muntakim AshrafAgro based Electronic / Electrical
Medical Equipments
Mr. Khandaker Ruhul AminElectronics Items
Mr. Mosaddeque Hossain BabluEnergy Meters
Mr. Isaac Owusu AnsahSecurity camera , Office equipment,
Medical instruments, stationery,
Computer hardware etc., Power Electronics,
Network materials, Electronics components
Laptops, Desktops, Printers, Scanners,
Fax Machines, Copiers, UPS and
computer accessories
Mr. Adeyemi Ayotomiwa AdeyinkaElectronics and Telecom
Mr. Chukwundah  Erasmus ElechiOffice Equipments and Computer Hardware
Mr. Philip AgbohHome Appliances , CCTV Cameras,
Vehicle Tracking Device
Ms. Gabriella  Emefa  Hossou-AbbeyHome Appliances , CCTV Cameras,
Vehicle Tracking Device
Mr. Woldesenbet Fitsum TesfayeConsumer
Instruments, Office equipment,
Medical instruments
Computer hardware etc.,
Power Electronics
Mr. Billy OwusuSecurity camera, Office equipment, stationery,
Computer hardware, Power Electronics,
Network materials, Laptops, Desktops,
Printers, Scanners, Copiers, and
computer accessories
Mr. Yohannes Berhe HailuSolar Street lights, solar lights,
solar batteries and its accessories,
security gadgets, CCTV cameras,
Cables, and all accessories etc.
Ms. Rakotondrainibe Andriarilala Nirina BakoCoaxial connector system for small cell mobile communications
Three phase motor drivers with speed rotation for small motors
Home appliance
Computers and informatics consumers
Security equipment
Mr Joseph Peter MonariGenerators, Printers, LCD Display Units/Screens,
ICT Equipment, Technology Equipment Like
Automotive/Electrical/Mechanical/Training Equipment
E.G. Advanced CNC Lathe Machine
Mr. Nchore Jesse SaruniDrone technology for product delivery
Laptops and desktops
Warehouse software
IT security devices
High powered UPS
Computers and accessories
Professional printers
POS and biometrics
Electronic accessories
CCTV surveillance systems
Access control hardware
Mr. Okota Anthony OnyangoProjectors, Interactive boards
Green boards, Sound systems,
Mr. Emmanuel Atta JohnsonElectronic Components and Devices
Mr. Emmanuel TrekuElectronics and IT
Mr. Davinder SinghEmbedded, laboratory, education and
Training equipments
Mr. Tadesse Hailu AyaneLab Equipments
Mr. Eric Kebati JanganyaComputers, Storage devices, Projectors,
Video conferencing devices.
Mr. Tesafamariam Aklilu GebreyesusSecurity equipments (Cameras, DVR, NVR, RFID),
GPS and ITS Tracking equipments,
Air Conditioners (AC) and UPS,
Information Communications Technology Equipments and
Accessories, Patch Panels, Cables,
Racks, Rise floors and more.
Mr. Abdul Rashid OsmanConsumer Electronics and Parts
Ms. Patience Ama SissahComputers Desktop & Laptops,
Biometric Machine, CCTV Cameras,
Computer Tablets, MobIle Phones,
Photocopiers, Scanners,
Computer Software
Mr. Maziar TasbihiSecurity Electronics
Ms. Ishaya Rahab MbayaRenewable Energy
Office Equipment
Mr. Osei Bonsu AssibeyHome Appliances, Tracking Devices,
CCTV Cameras, Telecom Systems,
Computer Products & Accessories
Mr. Reza Dehghanizade Electronics Protection Systems
Security Systems
Mr. Saeid AkbarzadehhanzaeiNetwork Switch
CCTV Camera
Mr. Amir Ziyaee BidehCCTV
Alarm Systems
Wireless EQ
Networking Equipment
Security Systems
Mr. Mohammad Hossein Alarm Systems
Wireless EQ
Networking Equipment
Security Systems
Mr. Nader Nikzad Electronics Protection Systems
Security Systems
Mr. Bismark Dzahene-QuarshieSevers
Hard drives
Ms Hassan Oluwakemi TosinOffice Equipments
Electronics Goods
Mr. Felix Ofosu NyameCCTV Cameras, Alarm Keys
Car Security Cameras,
Security Door products
Mr. Oduche Damian OnyeaghanaOffice equipments
Laboratory Equipments
Ms. Genet Tesfaye AyeTablets
Smart phones
Connectivity accessories
Mr. Aleogho Gregory OghiadomheTest and Measuring equipments
Office equipments
Laboratory equipments
Mr. Kiggundu ChristopherHome appliances.
Mr. Jimah Momodu SanusiOffice equipments
Laboratory equipments
Mr. Andre Guimarães Teixeira SantosLED components and parts,
LED controlling solutions,
Smart Cities solutions,
LED drive solutions, and
energy metering equipment
Mr. Daniel Zicker MachadoLED components and parts,
LED controlling solutions,
Smart Cities solutions,
LED drive solutions, and
energy metering equipment
Ms Fatoumatta JallowCCTV, IoT Devices
Mr. Modou NS NjieIT Hardware
Ms Namisango ViolaElectronic Boards
Electronic Modules
Ms. Nakateero ShamirahUPS
Circuit protection Breakers
Lighting Solutions and Control
Ms. Nanulondo AliceElectronic PCB
Blue Tooth Speakers
Audio amplifier Circuit
Double sided PCB
SMT PCB Assembly
Ms Nakalema RehemaLED Lights
Compact Chip LED
High Sensitivity optical sensors
Assembly products
Mr. Duke Mainga OndibaComputers
Mr. Folarin Olanrewaju TaiwoComputers & Smartphones
Logic Boards
Mr. Tukur Abiodun AkanniAgro-allied based electronic equipment and software
Mr. Tarek Melhem NafaaTracking System and software
Mr. S M Golam Faruk AlamgirTracking System and software
Mr. Raymond Deogratias LuginaDatacenter Solutions
Electrical and Power solutions
Solar Equipment’s
Fleet & Asset tracking /Management
Mr. Herath Mudiyanselage Susantha
 Anuradha Herath
Taxi Meters
Mr. Jjuko TonyElectronics and Software
Mr Kisakye Christopher    Electronic Goods
Ms. Violet Tricia NyakweraHousing Cables, Electrical Fuses and Switches
Adaptors, IT Hardware, Solar Energy Equipments
Computers with accessories.
Mr lukwago CharlesElectronic Goods
Mr Makande Gayi RobertElectronic Goods

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