Contact Person Mr. Rahul Kednurkar
DesignationVP-Business Developent
AddressUnique Towers, 4th Floor
CTS No 2714/1, Tilakwadi
Mobile+ 91 8314202048
ProductsThrough our COIN, we have created a proprietary low powered point to point mesh network
 of tiny low-cost sensor nodes. The mesh network is based on top of Bluetooth 5. Mesh
has an effective communication speed of 1 Mbps, suitable for high speed and high data
applications with Self-learning and self-healing capabilities. Each COIN has an effective
range of 150 ft per node. The product is ready for mass scale customer sales, thus taking
 the first movers advantage.  We provide efficient and cost-effective solutions compared to
 our competitors, which make us the most preferred company in this industry. We also
provide the entire solution including cloud and analytics and, our Cloud supports APIs
for users who wish to build their own applications on top of our back end and leave
all the computations and data storage tasks to our intelligent cloud.r