ANANT ENTERPRISES is a name synonymous with design
and manufacture of high quality wound components like
transformers, coils, chokes, inductors, solenoids and AC-DC
adaptors. A professional attitude and dedication to quality has
earned us an impeccable reputation in the industry. We are
leading manufacturer and exporter of high / low frequency
high / low voltage transformers, coils, chokes, inductors and
sub-assemblies to OEMs. We develop and manufacture
custom designed products for individual requirements. We
have experience serving the aerospace, telecom, medical,
industrial automation, instrumentation, electrical and lighting
industries. Our commitment to innovation and quality has
allowed us to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations
for over 20 years.
We develop and manufacture the following ::

  1. Wound Components For Switching Mode Power Supplies
  2. High Frequency High Voltage Transformers.
  3. Audio Transformers.
  4. 400Hz Control Transformers.
  5. Step-Up / Step-Down Transformers.
  6. Sensing Transformers.
  7. Pulse Transformers.
  8. Isolation Transformers.
  9. Auto Transformers.
  10. Impedance Matching Transformers.
  11. Signal Distribution Transformers.
  12. Power Transformers.
  13. Coils / Inductors.
  14. Power Supplies.