Tiea Connectors Pvt Ltd

Tiea Connectors Pvt Ltd – Our research and development approaches the design of fundamental theories and analysis in overall connection technology, evaluation methods, and required materials and processes. Connectors and their contact solutions, a core part of wire ESDM devices is the domain of our research and development. We have ongoing R&D activities on varieties of products such as low voltage connectors responding to the needs of size reduction and high vibration resistance, high voltage connectors for Electric Vehicles, and electronic components, mechanical parts and equipment. For the low-voltage category, RJ45 common core type Ethernet connector, PoDL Ethernet connectors, USB type-C waterproof connectors for the telecom sector and waterproof multi-pin connectors and compact waterproof connectors used in engine ECUs and airbag ECUs and for the high-voltage segment, direct connectors applicable to HEVs and EVs in the automobile sector are TIEA’s focus.